Can you take CBD oil during pregnancy

Can you take CBD oil while pregnant? What will be the risk factors? Can it help with the pain and contractions? Will it harm your baby? All these questions might be coming to your mind if you want to take CBD oil during pregnancy.

You might think that CBD oil might not be harmful as you take it to treat pain, inflammation, and few other complications in normal conditions. But you cannot use CBD oil during pregnancy without knowing the risk factors. It might affect your growing baby and can create lifetime complications.

As supported by some reports, CBD will not cause birth defects and life-threatening conditions. But there will be a few concerns. The compounds found in Cannabis have some effects on your body. Your body’s endocannabinoid system controls different functions including metabolism, appetite, mood, movement, sleep, reproduction, immunity, and memory. The active compounds in cannabis will engage this system.

The same system is related to infant’s development. But the problem is that CBD oil can intervene the natural process and that can cause some problems.

What are the concerns?

According to a study done in 2014, THC found in cannabis will cause small changes in the endocannabinoid system. But these small and minor changes can make a great difference. Your baby will be prone to certain diseases over the period of time. The effect might not be instant. But it will give lifelong problems. It is also true that the study did not find any serious post-birth problem.

Moreover, you will not find enough research data on the use of CBD oil during pregnancy. They need more research to reach a conclusion. Even if some studies are conducted on the CBD oil effects on pregnancy. But these are done on animals. Therefore, it is always suggested to be careful and to consult your doctor before deciding on CBD oil. But in the current condition, it can be said there will not be birth defects and life-threatening conditions. There will be some effects in the following conditions.

Early pregnancy

CBD oil will not be a good option if you are trying to conceive. There are confused views. When some find it harmless, others strongly oppose the use of CBD oil during the early pregnancy.

Researchers have conducted a study on mice during the early stage. They found that it was not harmful in the early pregnancy. CBD oil is related to poor implantation, the self-destruction of embryonic cells, and alterations in ovulation. The study promoted the normal development of the embryo.

The mice were administered 5 mg CBD per kg in a day. If you take it for humans, it will be 306 for a sixty-one kg woman. The result was interesting. None of them experience major complications and miscarriage. Still, there are mixed views about the use of CBD during the early pregnancy.


CBD is considered great for pain and it might be helpful to lesson contractions. According to a study report, the CBD treatment can reduce oxytocin-induced myometrial contractions in the cells cultured outside of the body. The same study also reveals that anandamide, endocannabinoid, and THC have the same effects on the contractions.

The effect is comparable to some other types of the drugs used to reduce the pain and contraction. These are effective to ease preterm labor. The research supports the use of CBD oil to minimize the effects of contractions and to ease pre-term labor.


A study done in 2013 found that CBD oil can increase the permeability of placenta of a pregnant woman. As the result, the foreign compounds will be able to cross the placental barrier and to enter into the fetus. This can be dangerous to the fetus. The study was made on the cells cultured outside of the body. Moreover, there is no research about the inside effect. It might be more harmful. Another study, conducted in 2013, reached the same conclusion. It says that CBD oil might reduce the placental protective functions while changing physiological and morphological characteristics. From the above reports, it is evident that CBD might cause potential harm to the placenta.

Is CBD oil safe during pregnancy?

The answer might be no. There are risk factors. It might not cause birth defects and life-threatening conditions. But you cannot rule out the possible harmful effects on your fetus. If you are really interested to take CBD oil, it is better to ask your doctor.

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